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Fierce Teaching Book7 “Fierce” and Highly Practical Strategies

Most teachers, by necessity, are highly practical. Strategies often have a greater appeal than theories, generalized understandings or ideas. We can all understand that need. But, there is a downside. All strategies have an unlimited number of nuances that can make them either succeed or fail. When teachers are sold on a strategy, it is assumed that it will be carried out in a certain, understood way. At issue here is that a really good teacher can make a marginal strategy work and a marginal teacher can ruin a really good strategy. That’s why this book will also focus on the principles that underlie the strategies. Fierce Teaching is a focused, research-based, highly practical book you can use again and again. If you make a change in a strategy on your own, that’s fine as long as you understand the general principle. This book is about what matters most. As a result, you’ll find that you’re teaching gets better and better with less and less work, less stress and more joy. Here’s how to get your own copy.

Fierce Teaching - Eric Jenson

Fierce teaching is the phrase used to describe a way of working with students that is smarter, more effective and allows you to teach without burnout. It’s laser-like in its methodology.

Fierce teaching is honed with the wisdom of a Buddha. It’s lightweight, quick and nimble like a ninja warrior, yet as grounded as a two thousand year old redwood tree. Fierce teaching is about doing the right things and doing the right things right. It asks you to focus on the fewest moving parts to get the greatest effect possible. This book is not about the myths, the popular topics and the latest trend.

It’s about the learning the factors which make successful teaching possible, every time. In fact, if anything, this book may astound you in the simplicity of the factors that matter most. Fierce Teaching is a focused, research-based, highly practical book you can use again and again.

“But what about better strategies?” You ask. Yes, strategies are what make things happen in a classroom. But you’re probably noticed that some teachers can take what seems like a good strategy and find a way to make it fail. At the same time, another teacher can take a marginal strategy and find a way to make it succeed. What causes the difference? It must not have been the actual strategy, since it was used twice and it worked once and failed once. It just may be how the teachers used the strategy. I believe, as do a number of other researchers, that the reason for the variance lies elsewhere.

One way to look at the situation is to frame the use of strategies as part of a larger experience that is created for students. In the larger context, we see the environment filled with nuances that emerge from a teacher over time. The student experiences from a teacher implicitly include a mission, purpose, and more explicitly sharing of beliefs, values, principles and strategies. Typically more experienced educators have a better understanding of these domains for themselves and have developed some congruency within them.

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  • The real science behind “brains can change.”  Learn how IQ is NOT fixed, and get strategies we can all use to influence changes in your student’s brain.

  • Learn four ways the brains of kids from poverty are physically different. Find out what strategies can neutralize and even overcome a childhood from poverty.

  • Discover how enrichment works and what the country’s most successful schools do that matters most to rebuild underperforming students and skyrocket achievement.

  • Get the powerful “five pillars of success” AND the specific, practical, school-tested strategies that turn schools with 90%+ attendance and 90%+ graduation rates. 

  • Learn the biggest mistakes to avoid. These are the seven deadly sins that derail all school success plans. Avoid them and you’ll have a winner!

  • Absorb the amazing, science-based, classroom-proven secrets that ramp up attendance, slash discipline problems and skyrocket school achievement over and over!

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The workbooks help structure your in-house training program on "Enriching The Brains Of Poverty". In each workbook you'll find background material, strategies to put into action, along with specific steps to take to improve your school today. The workbooks are designed to supercharge your staff.

You get complete, easy-to-follow instructions broken into 6 simple sections, perfect for a staff roadmap for specific classroom strategies. Retail value: $149, but you get this success-building, staff-supporting gold mine of ideas and research absolutely FREE.

The workbooks include:

  • Insights on High Poverty Kids

  • Telescoping the Mindset of Change

  • Turnaround Champion Secrets

  • School Wide 5 Super Factors

  • Miracle Classroom Factors

  • BONUS Successful Lesson Planning


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Poverty Teaching Workshop


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Jensen Learning - brain based teaching for the learning brain

Eric Jensen’s topics focus on practical strategies linking brain research to student achievement. At conferences, Eric Jensen typically does keynotes and breakout sessions. In addition, Eric is available to offer much longer, more in-depth programs at your school or district. Each additional day gives your participants a stronger scientific foundation plus additional practical strategies, with time to practice on-site.

Nurture the learning brain through brain-based teaching approaches Professional Development Topic choices: * Teaching with the Brain in Mind * Tools for Engagement * Teaching with Poverty in Mind * Upgrading and Enriching the Student Brain * 12 Principles of Brain-Based Education * Early Childhood Education * Arts with the Brain in Mind * Unlocking the 7 Secrets of the Teen Brain * Different Brains, Different Learners (Special Needs) * 7 Discoveries from Brain Research that Could Revolutionize Education * Memory and Recall for Underperformers